About Us

We are based in New York City. 

$1 from every sale goes to charity.


Our Values
Provide every woman with bold accessories that reflect their personalities.
Luxury is not about the price.
Jewelry that matches your personality.
Meet the Founder

Shila founded Nubian Jewel to give the everyday woman access to quality, bold jewelry at affordable prices.

Like our make up, hair and nails, the jewelry we wear is an extension of our ourselves. Nubian Jewel is here to empower women to make a statement every day. 

Wear  pieces from Nubian jewel as a reminder to as  bold, powerful woman that you are. As a reminder of our power to make changes, every time you order from Nubian Jewel, $1 is donated to charity.


To contact us:
email us at info@nubianjewel.com
Easyleads Test Store 114-11 Sutphin Blvd #98019 Jamaica, NY 11434